Strut Your Stuff in front of Thousands of Quilters and Guilds

GQC teachers have the opportunity to present a live 15 minute teaching demo via Zoom for thousands of quilters in our All-Star Sampler events.

Teachers are heavily promoted on social media and in our newsletters.

Guilds and quilters are encouraged to look at teacher's websites and ask their guilds to hire them if they like what they see. Please have all items ready to submit when filling out the form. 

We heavily promote our Sampler Platter teachers!

Have the following material ready to submit:

  • Title of Demo
  • Short Description of Demo
  • square headshot for advertising
  • Square Project samples for advertising

Application does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants who are not accepted for a previous Sampler will be first in line for the next event.

"I do need to again thank you for the GQC. I've gotten more than three dozen new newsletter subscribers and a half dozen guild gigs within days of my sampler platter demo."
-Dana Jones

We strive for a broad mix of techniques so that our Sampler Platters will have a little bit of something for everyone.
You must be a current GQC teacher member to apply to present at a sampler platter event.