GQC Teacher Membership

Welcome VIRTUAL Teachers!

We invite your to join us.
Get your name in front of thousands of guilds worldwide!

  • Your name listed on GQC website teacher directory page with links directly to your website
  • Your information included in all of the searchable documents available to thousands of guilds and potential students on the GQC website
  • The opportunity to apply to be one of our All-Star Sampler Platter teachers
  • Membership to a supportive community of virtual teachers at the Academy for Virtual Teaching

Please Read Membership Requirements Below

$75 USD per year

Requirements for Teacher Membership

  • You MUST be teaching VIRTUALLY.
  • You may offer either on-demand or live Zoom workshops and/or programs, or both.
  • You must have a website so that guilds may hire you and/or students can sign up for your workshops.
  • You must provide a link to a video advertising your virtual workshops, lectures, and events.

How it Works

After you purchase membership you will be given access to a form where you will enter your teaching information. You will be asked for your website link, your video link, and other information about your offerings.

You do not need to fill out the form immediately up purchasing membership, but your name will not be listed until the form is complete. Your membership begins at the time of purchase, not at the time you finish filling out the form.

You will also be given a link to join the private membership community of the Academy for Virtual Teaching (see below.)

Video content recommendations

You will be asked to provide a link to a 3 minute video advertising their virtual workshops, lectures, and events during the registration process. Please host your video on your website (preferred), YouTube the video hosting service of your choice. The video must be available for public viewing. and you are required to provide a link to it during the registration process.

Introduce yourself by name and present a clear representation of the lectures, events, and classes you give. Most importantly, look like you are comfortable with the technology that you are using. Make sure to repeat your name and your website during your closing statement.

Changes and updates to your GQC directory listing

When you purchase a membership all of the data you enter on the registration form is used to populate the GQC website. If after that time you want to make a change to your listing (for example a new website, email etc) there will be a $10 change fee and it may take up to three weeks for the update to appear on the website.

Refund policy

We do not issue refunds for any reason. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes as soon as you complete the GQC membership form. Just as much goes into having to remove you. Thank you for your understanding.

The Academy for Virtual Teaching is a private membership platform for virtual teachers quilting, crafting, and art.
GQC teachers have access to conversation with a supportive group of colleagues
Monthly zoom roundtable discussions
Equipment review library and business aid recommendations
Monthly Guest Specialist Seminars