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Live Virtual Workshops: February

Free-Motion Fearless Fun

February 3,2024
with Sandy Fitzpatrick

Are you tired of stitching in the ditch and straight line quilting? If so, I will teach you how free-motion quilting can open up a whole new world of quilting for you. In this three-hour class we will cover several design elements to give you the courage to tackle your unfinished quilts. We'll also talk about setting up your sewing area to be more successful, along with a way to layer your quilt that doesn't require getting down on your hands and knees.

Hurdy Gurdy Table Runner using Accordion Sewn HSTs- - 3 hour Zoom!

February 9, 2024
with Beth Helfter

Join us for an afternoon of learning to use the Accordion Sewn HSTs- method of making scrappy half square triangles and get started on the Hurdy Gurdy pattern. By the end of class you'll know all of the ins and outs of why accordion sewing is sweeping the land as well as have a beautiful block and maybe be started on a second. You'll never want to make a half square triangle another way again!

Machine Applique

February 10, 2024
with Sandy Fitzpatrick

This machine applique class will give you the knowledge and expertise to perfect your stitches. We will cover the techniques to improve your blanket stitch, satin stitch, and decorative stitches. You may choose any designs from Hissyfitz Designs for your class project.

Create Your Own Quilted Landscape

February 15, 2024
with Beth Ann Williams

Capture a treasured memory in fabric! Learn to create a beautiful finished-edge machine appliquéd and quilted landscape with Beth Ann's surprisingly easy methods. Create your own piece of fiber art in this hands-on class while picking up appliqué skills and embellishment techniques you'll be able to use in other projects, too.

Live Virtual Workshops: March

Easy & Effective Machine Quilting with a Walking Foot

March 2, 2024
with Beth Ann Williams

Finish your quilts with confidence! Discover fast, fun, and deceptively easy ways to complement piecing, enhance a focal area, and create a variety of wonderful textures in this beginner-friendly, hands-on machine quilting class. BONUS: You'll also receive a detailed printable handout.

Just Scrap It! Mastering the Art of Controlled Scrappiness

March 20, 2024
with Jennifer Houlden

"Just Scrap It" is all about exploring the captivating world of Controlled Scrappiness. Jen reveals her secrets of transforming ordinary blocks into beautifully coordinated scrappy blocks, unlocking the potential to create quilts that are both wonderfully scrappy and perfectly harmonized. Colour and value are just two of the key elements to transform these one block quilts into dazzling designs.
 Join Jen for this scrappy adventure at QuiltFest's Virtual Schoolhouse 8 on March 20, 2024.

Minimalistic Landscapes - Less is More

March 21, 2024
with Jennifer Houlden

Do you want to make a landscape quilt but are not sure where to start? Jen's got the playbook to guide you through, making it a breeze with a limited fabric selection and a knockout color palette using scraps or yardage.
Start with a photo, sketch or your imagination to jump start your creative process. Simplify the image to just a few lines and then fill in those spaces with fabric. Create depth and dimension in the spaces and throughout the design by layering the pieced sections with raw edges. Let the fabric do the talking to create a simple dynamic landscape where is less is more.
Join Jen to create a simple landscape at QuiltFest's Virtual Schoolhouse 8 on March 21, 2024.

Discover the Magic of "Invisible" Machine Appliqué

March 23, 2024
with Beth Ann Williams

Once you know the secrets, it's easier than you'd ever believe to create the look of heirloom-quality hand appliqué with finished edges – all with your sewing machine! And when it comes to style and versatility, the sky is the limit.

This class is a great introduction to many of my more advanced appliqué-based classes, while still including my favorite easy, practical techniques that even newcomers to invisible machine appliqué can use right away.

Live Virtual Workshops: April

Easy Machine-Sewn Quilt Bindings - That Still Look Great

April 4, 2024
with Beth Ann Williams

Never dread quilt binding again! You'll learn tips & tricks for preparing binding strips, stress-free ways to navigate corners and attach the binding to the quilt, 5 methods for stitching the binding down, and 3 methods for joining the ends. A comprehensive printable handout is included. No hand-sewing required!

Creative Cathedral Windows by Machine

April 11, 2024
with Beth Ann Williams

This beloved 3-dimensional technique is now easier than ever! Create a beautiful table mat, runner, hanging, or pillow front completely by machine in this hands-on class featuring Beth Ann’s invisible machine appliqué-and-quilt in 1 step method. We'll explore various design options, allowing you to create a custom look.
 BONUS: Machine-sewn binding instructions AND step-by-step finishing techniques for a pillow with a concealed zipper will also be included.

The Biscotti Workshop

April 13, 2024
with Brandon Wulff

Unlock your quilting potential over two inspiring weekends with our comprehensive Zoom course on Brandon Wulff's innovative Biscotti Process. In this hands-on workshop, you'll embark on a creative journey to craft a stunning quilt top using Wulff's unique approach. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced quilters, offering a fresh perspective on traditional quilting techniques.

A Moment in Time

April 19, 2024
with Pati Fried

Empty Spools Seminars, Session 5 April 19-24,2024 Use the magical coastal surroundings of Asilomar, CA to honor a special moment in your life. Some moments can simply not be put into words, or captured in a photo. Let's honor these moments expressively rather than realistically. With small study explorations in texture, color and layering, Pati will share ways to evoke the feeling you want to portray in your quilt.
Level: All

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