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18 Amazing Teachers!
18 Amazing  Demonstrations!
Something to please every kind of quilter!

The All-Star Sampler Platter is an affordable live virtual program for your guild members.
6 hours (over two days) of 15 minute demonstrations by Global Quilt Connection teachers.
Guilds purchase a ticket and receive a viewing link, that they are then licensed to distribute to their membership.
The viewing links will be available for 72 hours after the live events.

Priced according to number of members in Guild

50 & under = $50
51-150 = $100
151-499 - $150
500 and up = $300
Guilds are not allowed to sell individual tickets to their members.
Individuals may register without a guild for $20 per seat.

Featuring 18 Fabulous Virtual Quilt Teachers

Saturday Sept 23, 3:00 - 6:00 pm eastern

Kelly Ashton: Kelly's "Partial" to Partial Seams; You Can Be, Too!
Dara Tomasson: Doodles to dazzling designs
Jennifer Houlden: Creating Eye Catching Fabric Runs is as Easy As 1-2-3
Beth Cunningham: POP! POP! Punch Needle(an ancient embroidery technique)
Katie Lewis: No-Reverse Applique Design Transfer
Cyndi McChesney: Surprising settings for Multi Image panels
Emma Powell: Itty Bitty Dolls for Applique based on South American Arpilleras
Dana Jones: Demystifying Design for Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP)
Lyric Kinard: Foil + Fabric = Fun!

Sunday Sept 24, 3:00 - 6:00 pm eastern

Nanette Zeller: Painterly Applique Using Colored Pencils
Elizabeth DeCroos: A Quilt that's not a Quilt
Julia McLeod: The 4 'S's of Piecing with Silk
Jane Hauprich: Fear The Negative No More!!
Carole Lyles Shaw: Vibrant Stitching - Big Stitch Hand Quilting
Melissa Marginet: Dot-to-Dot Walking Foot Quilting
David Owen Hastings: Backing, Binding, Batting, Beauty: designing a quilt from back to front
Stephanie McIntyre: Sew Sustainably! Recycled Leather Reverse Appliqué
Kristin Echols: Add a Bold Seminole Band to Your Next Project

Saturday September 23, 3-6 pm
US Eastern Time

Sunday September 24, 3-6 pm
US Eastern Time