Teacher Spotlight Julie Silber

Have you ever thought to yourself, “it’s all been done”? I’d like to invite you to think again.

Nineteenth and early-twentieth century American women created an enormous and astonishing body of work in their quilts. Endlessly inventive, these women created quilts that are yes, beautiful and functional, but also, these quilts carry messages to us across time. In their stitches, our mothers and grandmothers left us clues about their lives and their worlds.

Hi, I’m Julie Silber in Berkeley, California and I’ve been studying, teaching, collecting, buying, selling, and talking about old quilts for over 40 years. I would love to join you by Zoom, or in person, to share some stunning, awesome, funny, and surprising antique quilts. My talks will broaden your held ideas about old quilts, expand your horizons, and surely inspire and enrich your own quilt making.

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