What kind of teachers is the Global Quilt Connection looking for?

Teachers who are confident in the VIRTUAL world. Quilt Guilds come to us looking for quality programs, workshops, and events that they can offer VIRTUALLY to their members via Zoom. Individual quilters come to us looking for individual-enrollments that they can sign up for without having to go through a guild.

If you offer any kind of program that is of interest to a quilt guild, are available for hire, and are confident in your technical abilities online, we invite you to sign up to have your 3 minute intro video included in one of our meet the teacher video blocks.

Please review our terms, conditions, requirements and refund policy below BEFORE you register to present at a video in a GQC video block.   Registration fee is $75

2021 October Meet the Teacher Event:

We will be dropping five new meet the teachers video blocks on 10/4/2021.

Each video block will include 20 teachers.


How The October Meet the Teacher Event Works

On October 4th we will drop videos blocks with 20 teachers each. Guild representatives and individual quilters can look at them on their own time. They will have access to a spreadsheet with all the teacher’s information on it for each video.  The order of teachers in each video will be random and we will NOT be giving away the order in advance. Each viewer will have to watch or scroll through the whole video to get to any teacher they might be interested in ahead of time. This gives newer teachers without as much name recognition a better chance of being seen.

Be a part of the prize basket giveaway!

We are asking the teachers who are willing to donate a publication to go into a HUGE prize basket for one guild. In order to get their name in the hat for the drawing the guild (or individual) has to answer one question about EACH video in all five videos.  We will ask each teacher to provide us with a question when they turn in their video - some scavenger hunt thing - that we will then compile and give to the viewers.  If you would like to donate something click here.

Be a part of the 2 live studio tour events!

We will have two live events,  October 13th and 15th. For each webinar 30 teachers from the October videos will send in a 2 minute STUDIO TOUR video. The teachers will have the opportunity to be there live and answer any questions the viewers have.  If you would like to register to provide a video studio tour click here.

On Monday October 18th we will have a live-streamed prize drawing. Sue, Mel, and Lyric will each give short studio tours and then draw the name of the prize winner.

*Teachers will each be responsible for shipping their book to the winner.

Terms of purchase

When you register to present at a Global Quilt Connection webinar you are purchasing a one year membership.  

Your membership includes:

  • Opportunities to share your virtual offerings via a live zoom webinar to a global audience
  • Your lectures and/or workshops marketed to a targeted audience to thousands of guilds
  • Your name listed on GQC website teacher directory page with links directly to your website
  • Your information included in all of the searchable documents available to thousands of guilds and potential students on the GQC website
  • Membership to a supportive community of virtual teachers on FaceBook
  • Quarterly teacher roundtable discussions via Zoom
  • Access to valuable informational resources for virtual teachers
  • Opportunity to apply for the yearly virtual sampler platter event
  • Your membership will expire one year from the date of the webinar your video is presented at
  • Webinar recordings stay live on the GQC website for two years

You  will have the option to renew your membership for a second year without presenting at a new webinar.  After that time, if you wish to renew for a third year you will need to create a new video for an upcoming live webinar. 

If you have new offerings and wish to present a new video at an upcoming webinar before your year’s membership is up, you must pay a new registration fee. Your 1 year membership will be reset to 1 year from the date of your most recent webinar presentation.  

Changes and updates to your GQC directory listing

When you register for a GQC webinar all of the data you enter on the registration form is used to populate the GQC website.  You will receive an email when your information is added to the website so that you can verify that it is correct.  If after that time you want to make a change to your listing (for example a new website, email etc) there will be a $10 change fee and it may take up to three weeks for the update to appear on the website.

Video requirements

Each teacher must prepare a 3 minute video advertising their virtual workshops, lectures, and events. The video will be due a minimum of four weeks before the live webinar.  All videos will be compiled into one block of 15-20 videos and become available to the public on a designated day. 

Video content recommendations:

Introduce yourself by name and present a clear representation of the lectures, events, and classes you give. Most importantly, look like you are comfortable with the technology that you are using.  

Make sure to repeat your name and your website during your closing statement.

You must prepare an entirely new video for each webinar that you present at.

Do not announce your prices in your video. The videos are available on the GQC website for 2 years and you may want to change your pricing during that time.

Guilds will be responsible for contacting you. The more hiring information you have easily available  on your website the easier it will be for them to hire you. This includes course descriptions, contact information, pricing, and sign-up links for on-demand courses.

Please read the FAQ for GUILDS to see the repeated questions we get after each webinar.

Video update policy

We are not able to update videos in our any of our compiled videos. 

Refund policy

We do not issue refunds for any reason. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes as soon as you press that registration button. Just as much goes into having to remove you. Thank you for your understanding.

2022 Meet the teachers Webinar Schedule

February 2021

September 2021

Actual video drop dates to be announced

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