Teacher Spotlight

Natalya Khorover

I am an artist who uses repurposed materials, such as vintage linens and single-use plastics, which I stitch into art quilts. I help other artists who struggle with knowing where to start using these materials to achieve their creative vision. After a career as a fashion designer and costume designer for film and television, I turned to art and discovered art quilts. Now I have spent nearly 20 years figuring out how to incorporate unconventional materials into stitched artworks. I offer a variety of workshops for guilds, art groups and individuals. These workshops are available live in-person and live over-zoom.

SENSE OF SPACE is a six week deep dive workshop into a new approach to creating architecturally-inspired art. Registration for the fall session will open soon.

ART VISION BOARD WORKSHOPS are short intentional immersions to help you focus on your art practice and your ideal outcome. Register today.

I wrote a book titled INNOVATIVE REPURPOSING. It’s a resource guide to unconventional materials for your art practice and it’s available on my website.

Click here to visit Natalya’s website and to learn more about all of  her virtual workshops and lectures

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