Teacher Spotlight

RaNae Merrill

My superpower is teaching free-motion quilting to beginners! Like so many quilters, I got really frustrated trying to learn FMQ. My “Aha!” moment came when I realized that, as a lifelong pianist and piano teacher, I already knew how to teach my hands to do complex movements. Using that experience as a springboard, I created Free-Motion Mastery in a Month, a simple step-by-step system for anyone to easily learn FMQ.

Before jumping into free-motion quilting, I wrote three books about using spirals in quilt design: Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts, Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts, and Sideways Spiral Quilts. These fascinating designs are all created with straight lines using foundation piecing and are much easier to sew than they look!

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been teaching quilting now for almost 15 years! I still love teaching both free-motion quilting and spirals at guilds, stores and shows, as well as online.

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