Teacher Spotlight

MJ Kinman

I love to tell people I make the biggest gems in the world. But instead of using the hardest materials, I use the softest: fabric. The adventure started 30 years ago when an image of a gem captured my imagination. As a new quiltmaker, I had no idea how to transform that image into a quilt but knew there had to be a way. After seven years of experimenting, I made my first gem quilt.  

The key is freezer paper – that amazing product that adheres to fabric without leaving a residue when you hit it with a hot iron. I love sharing this powerful technique with students. It allows them to bring their designs to life, regardless of their inspiration. 

But more than sharing techniques and tips with students, my goal is to encourage them to invite joy back into their quilt spaces. So often we get hung up on rules and the hunt for perfection, which results in frustration and, worse, fear. My patterns are designed so that perfection is not a priority. Gems don’t follow about quilters’ rules; light couldn’t care less about the Quilt Police. These patterns are meant to be enjoyed.

I’d love to bring my trunk show and classes to your guild. CLICK HERE to learn more. And if you want to try something completely, CLICK HERE to learn more about my free, summer Sew-Along featuring the Mighty Magnus Series, six adorable dinosaur patterns made with freezer paper (July 1 – September 30, 2021). Shine on!

Click here to visit MJ’s website and to learn more about all of  her virtual workshops and lectures

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