Teacher Spotlight

Carolina Oneto

Carolina Oneto is a Textile Artist, Award-winning Quilter, educator and a quilt pattern maker. As an Industrial Engineer her works are inspired by nature, math, science, and music. She studied “Color Interaction” at the Art School of the Universidad Católica de Chile, and from that moment on, color became an important variable when she creates and designs a quilt. She loves to play with color, creating different sequences and interactions with it.

She loves to teach online quilting classes and she also creates many Ondemand classes for those who need to learn at their own pace and time. Online classes allows her to connect with students from many different countries, which is a very enriching experience.

Carolina lives in São Paulo since 2019 where she has her own studio, from where she is continuously creating and developing her art and teaching that WE ARE ALL CREATIVE.

Click here to visit Carolina’s website and to learn more about all of  her virtual workshops and lectures

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