Teacher Spotlight

Carole Lyles Shaw

Hello! I'm Carole Lyles Shaw and I'm a modern quilt designer, teacher and author. During my lectures and workshops, I warmly welcome quilters of all types and styles and introduce you to the exciting world of modern quilting.  Today, I honor the long history of quilt making and show how modern quilts draw from and then reimagine quilt designs in fun and unique ways.  

I offer two lectures for guilds:

" What Is a Modern Quilt?": I debunk the myths about modern quilting. Then, with a virtual trunk show, I explain the core principles and emerging trends in modern quilting.

" My Journey to Modern Quilting" : I describe some of the influences on my style and show some of my earliest modern quilts.  My virtual trunk show gives lots of examples of my most popular quilt designs.  I also cover emerging trends such as AfroModern and maximalism.  

All of my lectures and workshops are interactive and delivered over Zoom and there's time for Q&A.  You can read more about me at www.carolelylesshaw.com And, I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at carole@carolelylesshaw.com  

Click here to visit Carole’s website and to learn more about all of her virtual programs

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