Teacher Spotlight

Terri Sontra

Are you looking for an entertaining presentation, fun workshop or  relaxing retreat?

Terri Sontra is the Head Moose at Purple Moose Designs. She has used her 20+ years in the quilting industry as a pattern designer, author, retail sales, retreat coordinator and fabric sales representative to create fun and unique presentations and workshops. Terri’s workshops are projects that appear more complex than they really are. Her presentations are fun and entertaining while still imparting some knowledge. All are offered in person or virtually.

Retreats are another exciting part of Terri’s offerings. They are held around the country and give you the chance to devote yourself 100% to quilting with no chores, cooking or cleaning...at least for a weekend!

Click here to visit Terri’s website for more information and to sign up for her free newsletter, Moose Droppings.

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