Teacher Spotlight

Judi Kirk

Judi Kirk lives in Canterbury, England and is a certified quilt judge.

Judi loves to teach and has taught extensively in the UK and various AQS Quiltweeks in the USA before Covid hit. Since then, she has developed a multi-camera system (including close ups for demos) using Zoom to give talks and workshops at virtual shows and to Guilds throughout the UK and USA, as well as other countries.

Most recently, she has created a series of On Demand Masterclass videos for those who prefer to learn at their own pace, and there is a special introductory offer on these – with pricing in dollars as well as pounds. Aimed at the both the beginner and improver, Judi has included lots of the tips and tricks that she has picked up over the past 30 years.

Click here to visit Judi’s website and to learn more about all of  her virtual workshops and lectures

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