Teacher Spotlight

Carol Wilhoit

I’m Carol Wilhoit, and I enjoy making both quilts and smaller quilted projects.  I’d be delighted to join your group for a lecture or workshop, either in person or online. 

Get Your Stash Together is a lecture about organizing and storing fabric, tools, thread, and books so that they are readily accessible. Infinite Opportunity illustrates how using several design principles to thoughtfully select fabrics from your stash helps you make quilts you love.  Aha! focuses on the most useful tips and techniques that I’ve learned or developed in forty years of quiltmaking.  Each lecture includes many quilted projects that I’ve made.

Workshops include walking foot quilting, English Paper Piecing by Machine, gifts, zipper bags, tote bags and table runners. Smaller projects require less time and materials than a quilt, so they are great for learning new techniques. Students appreciate my detailed handouts, and many comment that my classes far exceed their expectations. 

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